A brief description of the different dance styles and their respective classes.
(CC) refers to Core Classes
(EC) refers to Extension Classes

Blues Dance
A highly versatile dance style known for a close connection and small, detailed movements.  Includes Fusion-Blues, which is danced to a wide range of music.

  • Intro to Blues Dance (EC)- Mondays 20:00 (at Strefa)
  • All Level Blues Dance (CC)- Mondays 19:20 
  • Beginner Blues Dance (CC)- Wednesdays 20:20
  • Intermediate Blues Dance (CC)- Tuesdays 20:30
  • Beginner Blues Dance Technique (EC)- Tuesdays 21:30
  • Blues Dance Technique (EC)- Wednesdays 19:10

Slow Drag
A specific style of Blues Dance which uses early jazz music, larger steps, and a close embrace connection.

  • Intro to Slow Drag (EC)- Mondays 18:30
  • Intermediate Slow Drag (CC)-  Sundays 18:00

East Coast Swing
A basic swing dance used to teach simple steps and techniques.  Good for new dancers to try out before moving up to Lindy Hop.

  • Intro to East Coast Swing (EC)- Wednesdays 18:00

Lindy Hop
A fast paced, high-energy dance from the 1920’s. (Note that beginner Lindy Hop is offered at Por Fiesta Club.

  • Advanced Lindy Hop (CC)- Thursdays 19:00
  • Follower’s Lindy Hop Technique (CC)- Sundays 19:15

Authentic/Solo Jazz
Swing dancing without a partner from the 1920’s

  • Intro to Authentic Jazz (EC)- Tuesdays 18:00

A fast, close-embrace jazz dance with detailed footwork.

  • Beginner Balboa- Tuesdays 17:00
  • Intermediate Balboa (CC)- Thursdays 17:45

Body Awareness Classes
Special classes to improve flexibility and control of your own body.

  • Contemporary Dance (EC)- Mondays 20:30
  • Body Awareness and Isolations (EC)– Wednesdays 21:15