Core Classes

Core Classes

Core Classes are the standard progressive classes we offer in our main dance styles. Core Classes are 70 minutes long. Registration is required to attend.

Class Details:

All Level Blues Dance- Mondays 19:20
Social dance training for both Beginner and Intermediate level Blues Dancers. It is recommended that students take 1 month of Intro to Blues Dance or Beginner Blues Dance before joining this class.

Beginning Balboa- Tuesdays 19:20
The fundamental techniques, connections, patterns, and combinations of Balboa.

Intermediate Blues Dance- Tuesdays 20:40
More advanced concepts and patterns for dancers who are comfortable with Blues pulse and all four standard connections (Breakaway, Open, Closed, and Close Embrace)

Beginning Blues Dance- Wednesdays 20:20
The fundamental techniques, connections, patterns, and combinations of Blues Dance. Taught by Piotr Godek & Joanna Rybicka.

Intermediate Balboa- Thursdays 18:00
Fun steps and technical details for people already familiar with the basics.

Advanced Lindy Hop- Thursdays 19:20
Advanced concepts and ideas for highly ambitious dancers.

Blues Styling for Followers- Fridays 18:40
Improve the quality of your Blues Dance movement with Dorota Kita. For all levels.

30zł or 1 spot on your punchcard per class.

Punchcard details:
Punchcards are the main form of payment for Core Classes. Each punchcard is good for 10 Core Classes or workshop tracks. When your punchcard is complete, you are entitled to a free private lesson with one of our instructors. You may choose to have your punchcard valid for either 2 months (200zł) or 3 months (220zł).

If your punchcard expires, you may still use it to attend classes, but you must pay an additional 10zł/class.