“I don’t see the address. Where are the classes?”

This is intentional. We want people to make an account first before dropping into a class. However, we can tell you that most classes are in Kazimierz, very close to the Stradom tram stop. Once you have an account you will be able to see the address and map of the classes you are registering for.

“So how does registration work exactly?”

Registration has two parts. First, make an account. This includes your name and basic contact information. Please provide a valid e-mail address and phone number. We will use this information to contact you if there are any changes about your class. You can always delete your account if you decide to stop taking classes with us.

Once you have an account, you just click on the classes you want to attend. Mark yourself as a leader or follower (if applicable). You can withdraw from a class at any time on your personal account page.

You do not have to make an account to attend a workshop, but you do need one to attend our regular weekly classes, even if you are using a ticket to do so.

“Do I have to register for the whole semester?”

Well, about that… We don’t do semesters.

Our classes are not structured the same way that other schools are.  We don’t have a schedule of which steps to teach and when.  We will cover all the basics, of course, but our focus is on technique rather than repertoire, and technique is something you work on your whole life.

Register when you want to start coming to a class, and then withdraw when you want to stop. It’s that simple.

“So which classes should I sign up for first?”

Come join us for our Free Mystery Class every Friday at 20:00! This is a chance to get to know us as teachers and to try out one of our styles to see how you like it.

Intro to Blues Dance on Mondays and Intro to Slow Drag on Wednesdays are where most students start. They are inexpensive at only 10zł each, you can join at any time, and there is no commitment.

If you already have some experience in a style and want to know which level to join, read our class level description here.

If you’re in one of our classes and you’re trying to figure out when to move up to the next level, the answer is very simple.  When the class you are in becomes boring, move up.  There is nothing wrong with staying in a lower level as long as you are still getting something out of it. If you have any doubts, ask your instructor.

“Can I have a free trial class before paying?”

Yes! This is what our Mystery Class is for. It’s free to attend and open to everyone. Just make sure you show up on time. We don’t let more students in once the class has started.

Currently, the Mystery Class is every Friday from 20:00-21:00.

“I registered, but I changed my mind about coming to the class.”

There is no penalty for this.  However, we were expecting you so we would appreciate it if you send us a message telling us that you are not going to come after all.

But our classes are awesome and you should definitely come check them out!


“What do I get with my punchcard?”

Your punchcard may be used for any 10 Swing Experience Core Classes plus 1 private lesson. You will also be able to use it for most of our workshops, and you may receive other special discounts or bonuses, such as Extension classes for half price.

If you choose to buy a punchcard you should do so at the end of your first lesson. Payment in full is due at purchase. Punchcards are not valid unless signed by the student and a teacher or organizer.

“What happens once my punchcard expires?”

You can still use it, but you be charged an additional 10zł/class.

“Can I pay by bank transfer?”

Yes. Just talk to the teacher or organizer to get the account information.

“What if I forget my punchcard at the class?”

You will have to pay the normal rate (30zł for Core classes and 10zł for Extension classes) in cash for that lesson. Other arrangements are made only at the discretion of the teacher or organizer. Please do not forget your punchcard!

“What happens if I lose my punchcard?”

Due to the nature of our classes, it is virtually impossible for us to reissue an active punchcard with the correct number of spots remaining. Because of this, the Swing Experience is not obligated to reissue you a punchcard if you lose it. Do not lose your punchcard köpa viagra utan recept!

“I can’t afford classes. Is it possible to volunteer instead?”

Yes! Please talk to the teacher or organizer.

“Can my partner/friend and I use a single punchcard?”

No. Each punchcard is only valid for one person. Once you sign it, you are the only person who can use it.

“Can I sell my punchcard to someone else?”

No. Each punchcard is only valid for the person who signed it.

“Is it possible to get a refund?”

Punchcards are non-refundable. If you are not satisfied, please speak to the instructor about improving your experience.


“I completed my punchcard. How does the free private lesson work?”

After you have completed your punchcard. You may collect your private lesson up to 1 month after your card’s expiration date, but we suggest booking it within 1 week of your 10th lesson.

Contact your instructor of choice and schedule a time for your lesson. This is subject to the individual instructor’s availability. You must bring your completed punchcard with you to your private lesson. You are entitled to a 1 hour private lesson with a single instructor. If you are late to your lesson or do not appear, the instructor is under no obligation to reschedule, and you may lose your private lesson. Please read our private lesson cancellation policies below.

“Who will teach my free private lesson?”

Your choice! You can choose any of the Swing Experience instructors. However, private lessons with David Tritel are now available only if one of the following applies

-You are attending Swing Experience Core Class in more than one style of dance
-You are attending an Advanced level course
-You make an additional payment of 20zł.

If none of those conditions are met, you may still have your private lesson with any other Swing Experience instructor, provided they are available.

“Can I have additional private lessons?”

Yes! Private lessons are always available. Private lessons with David Tritel are priced 80zł/person, 120zł/couple, or 180zł/small group (up to 3 couples). Private lessons with other Swing Experience instructors are priced 50zł/person and 80zł/couple. All prices listed are for 1 instructor for 1 hour. On rare occasions, additional fees may apply.

“Where do private lessons take place?”

Most private lessons are held at our main location on Dietla. However, you may make arrangements with your instructor for other locations if desired. This can result in higher prices due to travel costs or rental fees.

“How do I contact the instructor?”

You can ask any of our instructors for their personal contact information and you can also reach all of them through their personal facebook page. If you have trouble reaching the instructor of your choice, you may write a message on facebook to The Swing Experience page, or you can send an e-mail to swingexperiencekrakow@gmail.com, and we will be happy to pass it along. You can also reach the main instructor, David Tritel, by phone at 511 907 270.