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Congratulations! You have a pass for a free extension class with us!

Your ticket may be used for any of the following classes:
Mondays 20:00- Introduction to Blues Dance
Mondays 20:40- Stretching for Dancers
Tuesdays 19:20- Body Awareness & Isolations
Wednesdays 18:00- Intro to Slow Drag
Wednesdays 19:10- Blues Dance Technique
Thursdays 19:40- Lindy Hop Technique

To redeem your ticket, please make an account with us. Accounts are free and you can cancel anytime. Once you make an account, please click on the class you would like to attend so we know to expect you. Make sure you bring your ticket with you to the class.

If you have any questions, you can write to us at swingexperiencekrakow@gmail.com