“Light” or “Intense”

What is the difference between “Light” and “Intense?”

The “Light” class is slow paced and easy-going. We will show new steps and the relevent techniques and give you plenty of time to practice. We will frequently review steps and combinations we have done before. How hard you want to work at improving your dancing ability is entirely up to you.

The “Intense” class isn’t actually higher level, but it is more demanding. We have much higher expectations for students in this class. We will spend less class time on new steps and more time on fundamental techniques, musicality, and body awareness. We expect students to review the class recaps outside of class and practice the steps we teach both at the parties and at home. The Intense class is specifically for people who are willing to work hard to become the best dancer possible, and want to be in a group of people who feel the same way.

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