Lindy Fast Track

Lindy Hop Fast Track

Do you want to learn to dance Lindy Hop? Are you excited and impatient and want to learn as quickly as possible? We have just the class for you!

Our new Lindy Hop “Fast Track” course is a two month course designed to get you out on the dance floor as quickly as possible!

Each class is 90 minutes long from 19:30-21:00 on Fridays, and we pack a ton of information into each one. By the end of the course you will know:
-6 & 8 count basics
-Swing Outs & Lindy Circles
-Styling Steps
-The Shim Sham Line Dance
-and MORE

PLUS learn the best leading and following technique available in Kraków!

Each two month course is 250zł/person. The classes are taught in English and we suggest (but do not require) that you come with a partner. A new “Fast Track” course will be available in January, March, and May.

Registration for our May-June course is now open! Register here: