Prices and Punchcards

(Special pricing for Introduction to Blues and Introduction to Lindy Hop
See details below

Classes with The Swing Experience are 300zł for 10 lessons. When you register you will receive a punchcard like this one

Whenever you attend a class you use up one spot on your card. If you are attending an Intense course your punchcard is valid for 2 months. For all other courses your punchcard is valid for 3 months.

If your punchcard is expired, you can still use it, but you will need to pay an additional 10zł/class

When your punchcard is completed, don’t lose it! You can then turn it in for a FREE private lesson with your intstructor!

As long as you have an active punchcard, you can also use it to get discounts on a lot of workshops and other classes and events. Details are below

Price List

1 punchcard with 10 spots- 300zł

Single Introduction to Blues Dance class- 20zł1 MONTH of Introduction to Blues Dance classes- 50zł
Introduction to Lindy Hop 2 month course- 250zł
Monthly Workshop 13:00-14:30- 40zł
Monthly Workshop 15:00-17:00- 60zł
Monthly Workshops full day- 80zł
Private lessons for 1 person- 80zł/hr
Private lessons for 2 people- 120zł/hr
Small group lessons (3-8 people)- 200zł/hr

Discounted prices with an active punchcard

1 MONTH of Introduction to Blues Dance classes- 1 spot
Introduction to Lindy Hop 2 month course- 6 spots
Workshops≤ 60zł- 1 spot
Workshops > 60zł- 2 spots
Private lessons for one person- Turn in a completed punchcard
(additional private lessons are also discounted.  Write to us for details)