For new students, our registration and payment system can seem really confusing.  It’s actually quite simple.  You just need to know that there are two different types of classes and you pay for them differently.

Core classes-Punchcards (220zł/10 classes):

These are our basic classes. We call them “Core Classes,” as they make up the core of your training.  For these classes, you should get a punchcard.  Punchcards are 220zł, and they have 10 spots on them.  Every Core Class or workshop you attend, you use up one of those spots. 

The punchcards are valid for 3 months (usually 13-14 weeks), which means you can miss 3-4 classes without penalty. 

EXPIRED PUNCHCARDS CAN STILL BE USED!!!  However, you will have to pay an additional 10zł/class once your card has expired. 

If you don’t want to get a punchcard, then individual classes are 30zł each.

Extension Classes-10zł each:

These classes are something extra.  Either we are teaching something which we don’t consider one of our main styles of dance, or we’re focusing on a concept or technique we don’t get to spend enough time on in regular classes.  These classes are 10zł each, and do not require a punchcard.

However, if you have a punchcard you get a couple of perks. First off, all of our Extension classes are half price (5zł each) as long as you have a valid punchcard with you. Also, whenever you purchase a punchcard you receive two tickets that you can use to attend Extension classes free of charge.

Unlike punchcards, tickets are fully transferable and may be given to friends. Tickets are valid only for the month that you purchase them, or the following month if purchased after the 15th.